At Les fruits Lamy, we love nature!

This is why our “autonomous” pick-your-own method allows you to experience something simple while connecting with nature. PICK and PAY.

An autonomous system based on nature and confidence. You can pick your fruits on the day and time of your choice.

Connect directly with nature!

1 - PICK your fruits when they are nice and ripe.

2- WEIGH your fruits on the scales provided for this purpose in the identified shelter.

3- PAY what you owe in cash in the box near the scales.

4- CARRY home your fresh fruits.


Basic facilities are available onsite: shelter, water (for hand-washing, not for drinking),

The parking lot is identified as are restricted areas. Come connect with nature!



Pick-your-own sea berries (tree: sea buckthorn)

THE FRUIT reaches maturity in early August for a period of about 3 weeks.

It is ripe when it has a beautiful orange hue and detaches easily from the branch. You must bring your containers for the fruit you pick.

PICKING sea berries must be done carefully. The branch has several small thorns so wearing protective gloves is strongly recommended. The gloves will also be useful because the very high level of vitamin C contained in sea berry juice may irritate sensitive skin

THE TREE is about the size of a bush, so the fruit is very accessible and easy to pick.



Pick-you-own elderberries (tree: elder tree)

THE FRUIT reaches maturity at the beginning of September for a period of about 3 weeks is ripe when it has a beautiful very dark, almost black hue. The dark blue or burgundy fruit is not ripe, so do not pick it. Harvesting is done gradually according to the ripeness of the fruit.You must bring your containers for the fruit you pick.

PICKING elderberries is easy and accessible. However, once picked from the tree, they are fragile. It is important to freeze them rapidly (2 hours after picking) so that they keep all their high nutritional value in anti-oxidants.

THE TREE measures 1 to 3 metres high, making the fruit easy to pick. There is no need to bend or kneel because the fruit grows at a height varying from 1.5 to 2 metres from the ground.