Karine and FrançoisKarine and FrançoisIt was in 2004 that Karine and François’ company came into existence.

Karine and François shifted to organic farming right from the start. A great challenge awaited them: “In organic farming, all has to be learned because the soil, climate and plants change,” says François. They had to analyze the actions taken and the results obtained.  “Exchanging knowledge is very present between organic producers because they know that mutual aid and sharing are a guarantee of success,” mention the two partners.

In 2010, the two owners wondered how they could do better and more with their resources. Their answer was with fruit ! But not just any fruit, they were attracted to the sea buckthorn and elderberry trees, because of their exceptional medicinal and nutritional values. So in 2011, they planted 2,000 sea buckthorn and 100 elderberry trees. And in 2012, they planted another 2,500 sea buckthorns, selecting two varieties: Scotia and Kent.

To get the most out of planting, the pick-your-own fruit project came together. The summer of 2016 will mark the beginning of “Pick – Pay – Carry.” 

This original do-it-yourself way of doing things will allow customers to connect with nature at their own pace, without stress.