SEA BERRIESFruit of the sea buckthornFruit of the sea buckthorn

• Fresh taste between orange and  mango

• Powerful antioxidant

• Rich in vitamins C and E.

Concentration in vitamin C 30 times superior to that of an orange.

• Multiple medicinal uses

• Flavonoid-rich foliage



Eaten fresh or processed for table pleasures, it can be served for its juice or in jam, herbal teas, etc.

It is also used in cosmetic, medicinal and nutraceutical products. In cosmetics, it is very present in skin care products.


ELDERBERRIESFruit of the elder treeFruit of the elder tree

• Tastes between a blackberry and a blueberry.

• Powerful antioxidant.

• Rich in vitamins A, B and C.

• Multiple medicinal uses.

• Effective against colds and coughs.

• Strengthens the immune system.




The fruit can be eaten fresh, processed into jam, herbal tea or many other edible products. It is also used in medicinal products and nutraceuticals.

Its flower can be used to make medicinal herbal teas. Even its wood is considered noble.